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full-size / полноразмерный, нормального размера, в натуральную величину
имя прилагательное
нормального размера
в натуральную величину
full-size, full-scale, life-sized, life-size, full-sized
имя прилагательное
of normal size for its type.
she was still a puppy, not yet full-sized
The corrugated-metal buildings have concrete floors, full-size bunk beds and rooms lit with a single bulb.
Our bed is smaller than most, a simple full-size , which still allows room for cats.
Try to get Dan's reaction shot of yourself (or have someone take it for you), and send me the full-size original image from your camera.
You may click for the full-size pic, but doing so could result in your monitor collapsing into a singularity.
The full-size hammock requires resources only an executive with clout could muster: two willing subordinates to hold each end.
For a taste of the good life, stroll through the first-class cabin in the full-size mock-up of the A380 on display at Airbus headquarters in Toulouse.
And the smaller, lighter phones hitting the market tend to get less battery life than their full-size counterparts.
Items such as highchairs and even full-size cots can be left until later.
The eyepiece inconspicuously attaches to your glasses - appearing as the equivalent of a full-size monitor to your proximate eye.
The band's rhythm section could spark a full-size orchestra.