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full-length / во весь рост, полный, во всю длину
имя прилагательное
во весь рост
full, complete, utter, total, absolute, full-length
во всю длину
имя прилагательное
of the standard length.
a full-length Disney cartoon
(of a person) with the body lying stretched out and flat.
Lucy flung herself full length on the floor
She was standing looking at her body in the full-length mirror through the steam of the filling bath when she heard the steady snipping of garden shears.
full-length runway
he was stretched full-length on the floor
It consisted of a nice thick book with articles about all the bands on the full-length CD attached.
Woollen kilts, Hessian full-length skirts, single shoulder organza tops and transparent trousers appear in earthy tones of brown and green.
The bride wore a full-length gown of white brocade with shoulder length veil and tiara.
full-length skirt
She picked up the full-length mirror next to her and threw it at me.
One of the many full-length movies posted to Google Video - with varying degrees of quality - is Akira.
The Government really should issue a full-length mirror to every home in the nation, and enshrine its use in legislation.