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full-fledged / вполне оперившийся, развившийся, созревший
[ˌfʊl ˈfledʒd]
[ˌfʊl ˈfledʒd]
имя прилагательное
вполне оперившийся
full-fledged, fully-fledged
full-grown, full-fledged, fully-fledged
ripe, mature, full-fledged, fully-fledged
имя прилагательное
completely developed or established; of full status.
coldlike symptoms that never quite develop into full-fledged colds
There is a need for a full-fledged inquiry into its background, planning, execution and retreat.
For the animal lovers, there is a full-fledged article on elephants, which are part of all temple festivals.
He has been asked to submit a proposal so that the Government can initiate steps for a full-fledged excavation at the site.
In her writing, she insisted that we confront ideas in their full-fledged complexity.
Walking can take you from those first few weeks after delivery into a full-fledged fitness plan.
We need to make it as easy as possible, rather than have a full-fledged war.
A full-fledged pharmacy was also operated to provide medicines prescribed by the doctors free of cost.
Hence, war - limited or full-fledged - as an option must be ruled out at least for the present.
I think that we're asking a lot of these countries to be full-fledged nation states.
The unknowns have got a full-fledged identity during past 13 years of armed activities in Kashmir.