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full-bodied / полный, склонный к полноте
имя прилагательное
full, complete, utter, total, absolute, full-bodied
склонный к полноте
имя прилагательное
rich and satisfying in flavor or sound.
a spicy, full-bodied white wine
Australian white tend to be full-bodied and ripe in style, with tropical flavors and moderate acidity.
The intense colour and elegant bouquet give way to a rich, full-bodied wine with ripe fruit and polished tannins.
Nick's soup was a rich brown colour and had a full-bodied mushroom flavour.
All the notes were clearly in his fingers and his head, and he drew a warm, full-bodied sound from the Hamburg Steinway.
she gave a full-bodied laugh
Having just one guitarist, I was extremely impressed at how he managed to create such a large full-bodied sound.
With plenty of spice and cherry flavours it's full-bodied and ready to drink.
This old, and now rare traditional variety has deep, full-bodied apple aromas, which hold nothing back on a super juicy palate.
It is a full-bodied dry red wine with many subtle aromas and flavours.
The bock is a strong, full-bodied , malty lager, no matter what the colour or ranges in alcohol content.