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full-blown / вполне распустившийся, цветущий, полностью созревший
имя прилагательное
вполне распустившийся
flowering, blooming, flourishing, thriving, bloomy, full-blown
полностью созревший
имя прилагательное
fully developed.
the onset of full-blown AIDS in persons infected with HIV
Reg Keys, the father of Lance Corporal Keys, of north Wales, says he will mount a serious, full-blown campaign against Mr Blair.
I expected it to turn into a full-blown cold or even flu over the weekend but, apart from the odd sneeze here and there, no other symptoms have materialised.
By full time, it bordered on a full-blown travesty of justice.
It's full-blown nutso nonsense to request that people should read the piece and decide for themselves.
The next stage, she says, is an attitude of helplessness about work, the full-blown Sisyphus complex.
It is core to their lives, and that situation will remain as they mature into full-blown consumers.
You don't need a complete full-blown language system like humans have in order to make it worthwhile.
full-blown war
But before these problems can flower into full-blown catastrophes something even worse happens.
These people are more likely to develop full-blown depression at some point in their lives.