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full-blooded / чистокровный, полный жизни, полнокровный
имя прилагательное
thoroughbred, purebred, blooded, pure, pureblooded, full-blooded
полный жизни
vital, informed with life, full-blooded
plethoric, sanguineous, full-blooded, red-handed, red-blooded
имя прилагательное
of unmixed race.
a full-blooded Cherokee
vigorous, enthusiastic, and without compromise.
a full-blooded argument
By then, the full-blooded Aboriginal population numbered one.
The other astonishing feature of this display was despite Ireland's full-blooded commitment, they only conceded nine penalties throughout the match.
The second-half began at a tremendous pace, the visitors obviously under instructions to take no prisoners and the full-blooded encounter continued although it was not confined to the forwards.
a full-blooded assault
Kantilla became the first full-blooded Aboriginal to play in the SANFL when he made his debut against Glenelg.
A lot of the United players will be very pleased to see City back in the Premiership - you cannot beat a full-blooded derby clash.
We constantly read glowing accounts, from interested missionaries, of the civilization of these tribes; but a civilized full-blooded Indian does not exist among them.
And many people in this world want to find out what is the essence of that particular tribe, and the purity therein, and who's full-blooded , and who's not.
Polish nationalism burst into another full-blooded insurrection in 1863, but Russia was able to bring it under control because the Crimean coalition against her could no longer be put together.
Once he started on that road, the logical result must have been a full-blooded effort to impose a police state and crush all opposition.