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fulfilment / выполнение, исполнение, осуществление
имя существительное
implementation, execution, performance, fulfillment, accomplishment, realization
execution, performance, fulfillment, pursuance, rendition, discharge
implementation, exercise, realization, fulfillment, effect, fruition
имя существительное
satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one's abilities or character.
she did not believe that marriage was the key to happiness and fulfillment
the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.
winning the championship was the fulfillment of a childhood dream
the fulfilment of a prophecy
it's said that dreams represent the fulfilment of a wish
Compensation will be given to ‘community volunteers’ in the form of a monthly allowance payable upon fulfilment of the performance required.
upon fulfilment of all university requirements
And where a regulatory power is given for the purpose of policing the fulfilment of prescribed conditions, it is natural to infer a mandatory duty in other cases.
In fact the 2 July meeting did not recommend immediate introduction of screening, notwithstanding the fulfilment of the previous conditions.
this project is the fulfilment of an long-held ambition of theirs
she derives personal fulfilment from the challenges
the fulfilment of a duty
the job lacks intellectual fulfilment