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fulfilled / выполненный, исполненный, осуществленный
имя прилагательное
performed, executed, fulfilled, accomplished, fulfiled, effected
fulfilled, fulfiled
effected, fulfilled, realized, executed, fulfiled
имя прилагательное
satisfied or happy because of fully developing one's abilities or character.
Apart from excitement and the odd growl, they have always been friendly encounters with happy, fulfilled dogs and pleasant, responsible dog handlers.
bring to completion or reality; achieve or realize (something desired, promised, or predicted).
he wouldn't be able to fulfill his ambition to visit Naples
carry out (a task, duty, or role) as required, pledged, or expected.
some officials were dismissed because they could not fulfill their duties
They must decide for themselves what being rich and fulfilled means.
A large number of people with cancer overcome the disease and live fulfilled lives for many years.
In setting the scene for my post I would love to recount a tale of blissful youth, a text-book joyride throughout early adulthood culminating in a fulfilled maturity.
We cannot, of course, defer working on social problems until we attain a critical mass of fulfilled people capable of saving the planet.
He squeezes every possible ounce of emotion out of those two octaves and the restricted range of his voice - characteristic of the man who believes in living a fulfilled life.
As a result, it was part of my private agenda to find older gay men who had figured out how to grow up and grow old as happy, fulfilled men.
Medical reason or not, higher risk or not, us mothers of caesarean-section babies are no less fulfilled than any other mother, end of story.
The imagery evokes the sense of transforming the mundane lives of ordinary individuals into extraordinary, fulfilled ones.
it's important to feel fulfilled in your work
Unintentionally, Anne's step showed her to be a wise and unpretentious woman, whose only aspirations for her children were that that they live happy and fulfilled lives.