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fulcrum / точка опоры, центр вращения, ось шарнира
имя существительное
точка опоры
foothold, fulcrum, pivot, toehold, bearing, purchase
центр вращения
ось шарнира
fulcrum, joint-pin
имя существительное
the point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots.
By rotating the dial, the pivot point or the fulcrum of the brake lever moves in and out.
A steel column marking the original exterior wall is the fulcrum for the kitchen's L-shaped layout.
At the anterior edge of the fulcrum of the pleura is a small articulating process which fit into a socket in the preceding pleura or the margin of the fixed cheek.
If pre-emption replaces deterrence as the fulcrum of global engineering, then the boundary blurs between the forces of civilisation and terror.
Maybe I'm ignorant to the ways of the marketing world, but I can't imagine Winnie the Pooh being the fulcrum which tips scales in the favor of purchasing a cereal.
Indeed, it is not too far to say that we are in the midst of a major transition in which China becomes the fulcrum on which future global growth will pivot.
tourism was the fulcrum for economic growth
By rotating the dial, the pivot point or the fulcrum of the brake lever moves in and out.
The right foot was then placed on the platform so that the fulcrum , if present, entered its receiving groove and was held in place while the subject was asked to stand up.
Barrett was the fulcrum on which the game levered Tinryland's way in the first half.
An American rapprochement with Iran is essential, he would argue, but the real fulcrum should be Najaf.