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fugitive / беглец, беженец, дезертир
имя существительное
fugitive, runaway, escapee, refugee, outlaw
refugee, fugitive
deserter, defector, fugitive, runaway, slacker, rat
имя прилагательное
fluent, runaway, cursory, fugitive, escaped, passing
fleeting, passing, transitory, evanescent, transient, fugitive
insecure, groggy, flimsy, haywire, frail, fugitive
имя существительное
a person who has escaped from a place or is in hiding, especially to avoid arrest or persecution.
fugitives from justice
Readers may be shocked to learn that I am currently harbouring a political fugitive .
Of course, helping a fugitive escape the police wasn't on the agenda either.
a fugitive from justice
I see the quality of those blue green works of mine as being very fugitive .
On the morning of February 11, a fugitive wanted online throughout the country was arrested.
He fled bail to become a fugitive from justice.
Although golf courses aren't the leading cause of fugitive dust, they still are considered a contributor.
Targets were established in a variety of ways, and it often reminded me of fugitive work here in the states.
In a second, and more fugitive image, the action opens with modern citizens struggling to be heard in the public arena.
On the morning of February 10, a wanted fugitive surrendered himself to police.