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fug / духота, спертый воздух, сор
имя существительное
stuffiness, closeness, fug, swelter, sultriness, frowst
спертый воздух
stale air, dead air, frowst, fug
litter, dirt, dust, sweeping, fug
сидеть в духоте
frowst, fug
имя существительное
a warm, stuffy, or smoky atmosphere in a room.
the cozy fug of the music halls
there was a fug of smoke in the room
There's a warm fug in the lounge of the Acomb Working Men's Club: drifting cigarette smoke mingled with the clink of glasses and neighbourly chat.
the cozy fug of the music halls
I found refuge in the staff room, with its smoke fug , low chairs and tea-stained mugs.
It took about 15 minutes, with the air conditioning going at full blast, to remove the fug .
People are shouting and swearing through the hellish fug and everyone seems to be called Jack.
The downstairs bar specialises in spirits from around the world, while in the Cigar du Vin the air is permeated with the agreeable fug of good cigars.
The addition of a bass player would probably make this music more conventional, like opting for the warm fug of a country pub instead of daring to go for a ridgewalk in blustery weather.
Surreal, then, to find a table full of fat men upstairs, shrouded by a fug of cigarette smoke, all tucking in to boeuf and pommes de terre.
At work, I smelt of developer and fixer and the fug of the darkroom.