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fuddle / опьянение, попойка, загул
имя существительное
intoxication, drunkenness, inebriation, fuddle, inebriety, pickle
buster, booze, revelry, blinder, bender, fuddle
spree, booze, fuddle
get drunk, become drunk, swizzle, fuddle, lush, boose
напоить допьяна
intoxicate, fuddle
befuddle, dope, besot, fuddle, hocus, turn on
имя существительное
a state of confusion or intoxication.
through the fuddle of wine he heard some of the conversation
confuse or stupefy (someone), especially with alcohol.
my head was aching and my brain seemed fuddled
through the fuddle of wine he heard some of the conversation
If you fuddle people's brains with legal-speak, they're bound to start thinking about something else, like Turkish immigrants.
The muddle, fuddle , blunder and guddle that followed has only helped turn devolution into a source of national embarrassment.
The cannabis debate can fuddle the brain almost as much as the drug itself.
through the fuddle of wine he heard some of the conversation
They thought he was an old has-been, that the fever had fuddled his wits, that his weeks of near-starvation had starved his brain-tissue into comatose stasis.
The naming conventions of Intel processors has kept me a bit fuddled for the last few years.
Pain, cold, and exhaustion fuddled Sara's mind, but she managed to recall the last thing that had happened.
I'm half asleep and I have to streak over to the other side of the house to the keypad and when I get there, I'm all fuddled because the alarm is shrieking, and I'm half-asleep, and I'm so confused, and I blank out on the code.
Something that will let me do a bit of much-needed spring cleaning in my fuddled brain.