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fuchsia / фуксия
имя существительное
имя существительное
a shrub with pendulous tubular flowers that are typically of two contrasting colors. They are native to America and New Zealand and are commonly grown as ornamentals.
Situate the chains or other hanging device so your fuchsias can grow around them.
a vivid purplish-red color like that of the sepals of a typical fuchsia flower.
There was a fabulous show of colour with pink, fuchsia , cerise and many shades of green standing out.
Purple, pink, fuchsia , and light greens are already displayed in stores and on magazine covers everywhere.
‘And in a range of colours from fuchsia to orange, yellow to aqua,’ she adds.
For your choice of cool colors, stick to traditional fall shades like brown, navy and gray, and contrast these with bright yellow, lavender, fuchsia , light green, and even purple.
The great expanse of the Terris Nebula dominated the western horizon, with its many hues of vermilion, purple and fuchsia against the dark sapphire of the evening sky.
That predecessor, F. magellanica, is also the hardiest garden fuchsia that's widely grown today.
The trick is that they're also a great foil for playful accessories in lemon yellow, tangerine, fuchsia , red, or sky-blue.
There was a fabulous show of colour with pink, fuchsia , cerise and many shades of green standing out.
As for colors, we'll be seeing the return of white bases adorned with colorful designs, yellow, orange, lime green, fuchsia , sky blue in their brightest of forms.
Customising your own look is also an option at Tesco, which is selling underwire and triangle bikini tops as well as deep and narrow pants and overskirts in fuchsia , purple and black.
But if you're prone to wearing dark, conservative colours, a contrasting pop of colour like fuchsia works in more ways than one.