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fry-up / жарка
имя существительное
имя существительное
a dish of various types of fried food.
Elaborate dishes are not their style, certainly not in the kitchen where their approach favours speedy fry-ups and fast salads.
Everything you could want: Marmite on toast and cucumber sandwiches for the junior department while you consume a hangover-curing fry-up or smoked salmon with a glass of bubbly.
On the morning of a fight, I always go and have a fry-up with my brother.
I always played tennis on Saturday afternoons and under normal conditions, Mum would have cooked sweet corn, salted cod or a fry-up of sausages, eggs and tomatoes.
‘He told me he's looking forward to a big fry-up and a nice Sunday roast - since he's been on rations he's really missed his proper home cooking,’ added Sharon.
It's handy because it is just across the road from my house in Primrose Hill and they do a great fry-up with nice Polish sausages.
There were no real guidelines - if you wanted to have a fry-up , you could have one.
It could be a cafe that serves a great fry-up or an all-day restaurant that serves delicious smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.
He stopped smoking - ‘just like that’ - at the age of 65, but refused to give up his favourite meal - a fry-up of bacon and eggs.
It used to be that you'd start the day with a fry-up , then a bacon sarnie when you got to the ground and a pie and chips for lunch.
So we went to a cafe place that sold western food (sandwiches, fry-ups , and the like) and it was good.