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frustration / разочарование, расстройство, чувство разочарования
имя существительное
disappointment, disillusionment, frustration, disenchantment, disillusion, letdown
disorder, frustration, upset, disturbance, disorganization, malady
чувство разочарования
имя существительное
the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.
I sometimes feel like screaming with frustration
We can feel the cops' growing frustration as they try to prevent a gang war, even going to illegal lengths to do so.
When he was substituted, the TV cameras even witnessed him kicking out at the dug-out in frustration .
Congenital retardation seems to doom many of the retarded individual's interests to frustration .
The atmosphere is of barely restrained aggression and frustration .
But they all share a common trait - frustration at the obstacles put in the way of progress.
Consequently, I wanted to avoid the frustration of the country's restrictive speed limits.
tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks
The stoicism that was largely a media-political construct is already turning to frustration .
This approach, while successful in places, can lead to frustration if you are eager to hear the final answer.
A college is aiming to take the frustration out of constructing that flat-pack furniture.