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frustrate / срывать, расстраивать планы, делать тщетным
tear, pluck, tear off, frustrate, disrupt, pick
расстраивать планы
frustrate, circumvent, foil, defeat, checkmate, disappoint
делать тщетным
frustrate, negative
имя прилагательное
unrealized, unfulfilled, frustrate, unperformed
vain, futile, idle, unavailing, frustrate, nugatory
prevent (a plan or attempted action) from progressing, succeeding, or being fulfilled.
his attempt to frustrate the merger
имя прилагательное
Allowing the produce to go to waste will not only frustrate farmers, but will also render fruitless, all the good efforts so far made to revive agriculture which collapsed in the last decade, due to bad policies.
All or some of these measures can help to frustrate the would-be car thief.
In the case cited, however, one is voting for him precisely in order to frustrate his pro-abortion purposes.
Almost none of these fights are necessary to the plot; instead, they are pointless digressions, guaranteed to frustrate any viewer actually taking an interest in the story.
These, it sees, are attempting to frustrate their progression to the police boards.
Jeff Tracy and his sons sort out natural disasters and frustrate the dastardly plans of the megalomaniac villain called the Hood.
Already, legal moves are under way to frustrate the plan, and these will be partly grounded on the historical significance of the site that has been chosen.
When you see these polls that show your popularity down a bit, it doesn't frustrate you?
But he said Russian opposition could continue to frustrate British-backed plans to reform UN sanctions against Iraq.
Now Constantine had had enough of their pagan attempts to frustrate his policies.