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fruity / фруктовый, сочный, смачный
имя прилагательное
fruit, fruity
juicy, succulent, lush, rich, mellow, fruity
имя прилагательное
(especially of food or drink) of, resembling, or containing fruit.
a light and fruity Beaujolais
(of a voice or sound) mellow, deep, and rich.
Jeff had a wonderfully fruity voice
relating to or associated with homosexuals.
eccentric or crazy.
a kind of fruity professor
The 2.4 litre i-VTEC engine doesn't spin quite so readily, or sound quite as fruity , as Honda's other sporty engines and nor does it develop quite so much power as I was expecting.
This compound has a fruity flavour which, when added to the tart taste of acetic acid, gives the complex character to a good wine vinegar.
Trouble is, it has all become a bit fruity and earthy, despite the best efforts of the SRU to keep it clean and wholesome.
The four-pot JTS motor is smooth, flexible and, though over-silenced, sounds pleasantly fruity .
At its best, this is a smooth, silky, red wine with either spicy flavours like cinnamon and black pepper or big, ripe, fruity red berry flavours like raspberry or blackberry.
We all had our reasons for going to Tommy's work on Wednesdays, because as fruity as it sounded usually we all went.
Try Rentboy Diaries, or the fantastically fruity Girl With A One-Track Mind, and a whole Indecent Blogging empire.
Floral and fruity notes dominate aroma and flavour here.
Bite into it, the texture is positively silky and the flavour distinctly fruity , a far cry from the floury, thick-skinned specimens we get in the UK.
Grapes have an enticingly sweet and fruity flavor with tender skins and melting flesh.