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fruition / осуществление, наслаждение, пользование благами
имя существительное
implementation, exercise, realization, fulfillment, effect, fruition
pleasure, delight, enjoyment, gratification, relish, fruition
пользование благами
имя существительное
the point at which a plan or project is realized.
the plans have come to fruition sooner than expected
the state or action of producing fruit.
The US invasion ensured that these plans never reached fruition .
The past year has seen a number of significant milestones in Lismore, and I believe, many local people and visitors alike will soon begin to see the fruition of some hard work.
He looked forward to seeing the project come to fruition in the near future.
It represents the fruition of a year's negotiations by a man virtually unknown in Scotland, even though he was reared in Dunbartonshire.
Jack's ability to write his world around him never comes into full fruition .
It is a product of vision and the fruition of good planning.
It's the fruition of one of the core and noblest of American ideals, the free and open marketplace of ideas.
We have meditated and worked with our mind, and this is the fruition .
‘This will be the fruition of efforts I have put in for the past seven decades,’ the musician said.
In the absence of bodies, his poem becomes simultaneously the space of their imaginary union and the fruition of it - a textual body.