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fructify / плодоносить, оплодотворять, приносить плоды
fruit, fructify
fertilize, impregnate, inseminate, fructify, fecundate
приносить плоды
bear fruit, fructify, bear
make (something) fruitful or productive.
The students are at the helm of activities right from obtaining permission to utilise ‘poromboke’ land in the villages and raising funds from philanthropists to fructify asset creation.
The government's ambitious project of supplying Cauvery water and laying UGD lines are yet to fructify .
However, these rag-pickers soon realise than their dreams can only fructify if they get monetary support from the elite.
An agreement, for raising plantation around Satuluru station in 15 acres for a 15-year period, is likely to fructify soon.
And this idealist struggle will continue and take many more years to fructify .
We are happy the government has taken steps for mega infrastructure projects which will fructify ten years later.
they were sacrificed in order that their blood might fructify the crops
Investigations occasionally fructify , although they always take time.
I decided to fructify this one for the sole reason that it didn't require another person to do it.
Even if it does, whenever it may be, it will take at least five years to fructify .
However, in the tropical rain forests, some tall arbor plants, also die away after they blossom and fructify one time; and this is little known to common people.