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frowzy / спертый, неряшливый, затхлый
имя прилагательное
stale, stuffy, close, frowzy, frowsty, muggy
sloppy, sleazy, slovenly, grubby, scruffy, frowzy
musty, fusty, frowsy, pockety, frowsty, frowzy
имя прилагательное
scruffy and neglected in appearance.
The lone exception is basketball, where the uniforms just hang down all unkempt and frowzy .
During the course of his tale, an old lady enters the café and sits next to the frowzy storyteller.
And don't get me started on the frowzy little strips of bunting that many business houses feel so fully demonstrates good corporate citizenship, or the contrived costuming of employees in the same pursuit.
You know, that you are so frowzy that I simply cannot not hand you the money.
The rising moon, like Celia, appears to be frowzy , dirty, red and wrinkled.
Only the few spots held as cattle ranches under private ownership continue to look frowzy and wasted; but the condition of even these has been greatly improved under protection from the sheep scourge.
On top was a frowzy cushion with what looked like an iron-on picture of a dragon.
Again I gave a civil evasion to the girl's trivial question, and as I did so her companion, looking over her frowzy pompadour, stared at me with insolent familiarity.
On a bench nearby a frowzy loafer opened his red eyes and perceived that his moral support was due a downtrodden brother.
The lone exception is basketball, where the uniforms just hang down all unkempt and frowzy .
The question has arisen in other lands, prompted by the conduct and language and the studied physical and moral frowsiness of individuals who have identified themselves with radical movements.