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frou-frou / шуршание
имя существительное
rustle, swish, whisper, rash, froufrou, sough
имя существительное
a rustling noise made by someone walking in a dress.
a little frou-frou skirt
Tuxedo-clad waiters brought champagne and frou-frou hors d' oeuvres to the thousand guests sprawled throughout the grounds.
There's an excess of flounces and frou-frou as swirling skirts, bangles, baubles, ribbons and bow trims come out to play.
When they're not diving headlong into unknown waters, they're busy cranking out straightforward country rock ballads whose lack of imagination isn't at all disguised by overt electronic frou-frou .
We were seated by the window in a dining room that borders on frou-frou , but nonetheless maintains an elegant feel.
The rooms are filled with frou-frou frills, flowery saucers used as ashtrays, china figurines and over-gilded frames.
This time it was all wood panelling, chandeliers, frou-frou flower displays, bow-ties and aperitifs in the conservatory.
It's a heart-shaped layer cake, with pink frosting and frou-frou Valentine-y decorations, and it is served by hacking it in two with a cleaver.
I proceed down the stairs where neatly stacked frou-frou stilettos and sturdy Dr Marten boots sit on each step, past the well-stocked wine cellar and into the chic rustic minimalism of the kitchen.
Make frou-frou desserts with those cherries on top or, just serve the cherries alone.