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frosting / иней, глазурь, глазировка
имя существительное
frost, hoarfrost, rime, frosting, white frost, hoar
glaze, frosting, glazing, lacquer, varnish, enamel
имя существительное
Cookies that have been frosted with a butter cream type frosting cannot be stacked.
a roughened matte finish on otherwise shiny material such as glass or steel.
A sweeping, swirl of baby ostrich down, rather like piped icing on an art nouveau birthday cake, contrasted the material's shine with soft, matt frosting .
cover (something) with or as if with small ice crystals; freeze.
each windowpane was frosted along its edges
Cookies that have been frosted with a butter cream type frosting cannot be stacked.
We scraped our plates; we licked our fingers; and we sliced apple cake and spooned on extra frosting .
Using the stencil with frosting varnish for glass at £7.95, the varnish can be tinted to create your own stained glass effect.
When the cake was done, it was decorated with white frosting drizzled down the sides.
The creamy caramel frosting wonderfully caps off these tender spicy cupcakes.
Cakes are purchased from local supermarkets whose ideas of frosting include two primary ingredients… sugar and vegetable shortening.
And that's not including the fact that I am carrying a really nice chocolate cake with vanilla frosting .
"Thanks, " I said, licking some frosting from my finger.
The brownie was thick, and covered in chocolate frosting .
He grinned and held up his fingers, which were covered in chocolate cake frosting .