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frosted / матовый, покрытый инеем, тронутый морозом
имя прилагательное
frosted, mat, opaque, matted, dim
покрытый инеем
frosted, hoary
тронутый морозом
имя прилагательное
covered with or as if with frost.
I stood looking out on the frosted garden
cover (something) with or as if with small ice crystals; freeze.
each windowpane was frosted along its edges
In the shop windows that line it, screens of frosted glass provide a backdrop for mannequins.
She saw a girl with messy blonde hair sitting on the ledge beneath the frosted glass window, sobbing.
She opened the frosted glass window, letting in a billow of sticky air, and caught a glimpse of the embassy's manicured garden.
He's pointing at a kid - maybe 18 or 19-with frosted hair, baggy white shorts and a diamond stud in his ear.
I popped the last bit of chocolate frosted doughnut adorned with pink and white sprinkles into my mouth, savoring the sugar.
And really, the first few bites of peanut brittle, frosted cookies, etc., are always the best.
Not soon enough, the San Francisco money started to abate, and though it was lots of fun to have tinfoil in my frosted hair, I had to cut my own one day because I couldn't get an appointment.
Then a mound of frosted large leaves is formed which will last all summer.
With arguably the best views in Italy, Harry's famously installed frosted glass windows.
A majestic multi-stemmed hornbeam stands before us and, crunching through frosted leaves, we come to the River Walk.