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frostbite / отмороженное место
имя существительное
отмороженное место
имя существительное
injury to body tissues caused by exposure to extreme cold, typically affecting the nose, fingers, or toes and sometimes resulting in gangrene.
Prolonged application of cold at very low temperatures can cause frostbite or nerve injuries.
Somebody did find me that day but I already had severe hypothermia by then and frostbite also.
He has not yet lost a toe or finger to frostbite , and added that ‘no mountain is worth losing a digit for’.
Your fingers and nose are suffering from burning frostbite .
Some will succumb to frostbite (fingers and toes are often lost) and there may be tense encounters with wild animals.
Operators should know the signs of hypothermia and regularly check for frostbite .
Ice should not be applied directly to skin because it can cause frostbite - place a cloth between the ice and skin.
But I would've looked fantastic as the paramedics treated my frostbite , I'm sure.
None from this group suffered from severe or very severe frostbite .
The lucky ones only lost their fingers and toes to frostbite , since air is much colder at higher altitudes.
You can identify frostbite by the hard, pale and cold quality of the skin that has been exposed to the cold.