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frost / мороз, иней, фиаско
имя существительное
frost, freeze
frost, hoarfrost, rime, frosting, white frost, hoar
fiasco, fizzle, frost, dead frost
побивать морозом
имя существительное
a deposit of small white ice crystals formed on the ground or other surfaces when the temperature falls below freezing.
the lanes were glistening with frost
cover (something) with or as if with small ice crystals; freeze.
each windowpane was frosted along its edges
If an unexpected frost occurs, undamaged fruits can be salvaged and ripened.
Instead of the traditional baby cakes, try baking a batch of baby cupcakes which guests can frost and decorate.
the spring frost had killed some of the flowers
The sky was a clear, pale blue now, and it seemed to be drawing what heat there was from the ground, leaving only frost and little patches of dry snow.
Always ensure that service pipes are at an adequate depth to prevent frost damage.
the lanes were glistening with frost
In the days before refrigeration, hogs were slaughtered and cured at the first heavy autumn frost .
Vermont in November was hardly Siberia, but there was frost on the ground, and they spent an hour shivering and exercising to stay warm.
Row covers trap the warmth that radiates up from the earth much like the way that a cloud cover holds temperatures and prevents frost from forming.
As much as I dislike extreme cold, a nice frost on the lawn would not be unwelcome.