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fronting / противостоять, быть обращенным к, служить прикрытием
resist, withstand, confront, counter, match, front
быть обращенным к
служить прикрытием
shelter, front, umbrella
(of a building or piece of land) have the front facing or directed toward.
the houses that front Beacon Street
provide (something) with a front or facing of a particular type or material.
a metal box fronted by an alloy panel
lead or be the most prominent member in (an organization, activity, or group of musicians).
the group is fronted by two girl singers
articulate (a vowel sound) with the tongue further forward.
all speakers use raised and fronted variants more in spontaneous speech
place (a sentence element) at the beginning of a sentence instead of in its usual position, typically for emphasis or as feature of some dialects, as in horrible it was.
The quoted event can be a linguistic utterance; moreover, as this example shows, the quoted element can be fronted .