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frontiersman / колонист, переселенец, житель пограничной зоны
имя существительное
colonist, frontiersman, colonizer
migrant, immigrant, emigrant, frontiersman, transmigrator
житель пограничной зоны
имя существительное
a person, especially a man, living in the region of a frontier, especially that between settled and unsettled country.
Settling with this frontiersman is not necessarily settling for; waiting for the next would not be in misty, vain hope.
It was a chaotic, frontiersman 's existence, he said.
After the war, Lindsey had followed in the footsteps of frontiersman Daniel Boone and gone to Kentucky.
This inexhaustible source of pure water was a marvel to Indian and frontiersman alike prior to the 19th century.
Tom Horn, legendary frontiersman , is wandering through the prairies of Wyoming.
As a torchbearer of American history, Cooper saw the frontiersman as a dying breed; men caught between two worlds without a home.
But even if every tall tale were true, neither Crockett nor any other American frontiersman before or after had as much of an impact on American history as Christopher Carson.
It is conceivable that some hard-working early American frontiersman might hold to such a belief, but difficult to understand how such a contention could come out of Spain, of all places.
In the film, Green B. Jamison, another Kentucky frontiersman , will use an iron-mounted Tennessee rifle crafted in Branson's workshop.
In preparation for the attack the colonel had frontiersman Jim Beckwourth - a former slave - rousted from his Denver home and pressed into service (on pain of death) as an involuntary scout.
It was seen as the key to the defence of Texas, and among those willing to protect it were Jim Bowie - renowned knife fighter - and David Crockett, the famous English frontiersman .