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frontal / фронтальный, лобовой, лобный
имя прилагательное
frontal, head-on
frontal, head-on
имя существительное
tympanum, frontal, lunette, timpano
gable, pediment, fronton, frontispiece, attic, frontal
имя прилагательное
of or at the front.
the frontal view misses the octagonal tower
имя существительное
a decorative cloth for covering the front of an altar.
Also on show is the Minster's great processional banner, which is only used at the most important services of the year, and an array of vestments and altar frontals containing emblems of the Passion and used during Lent.
It is clear that the Arab leaders are pulling around the wagons and launching a vigorous diplomatic campaign to forestall a US frontal attack on Iraq.
In their strong colors, direct frontal poses, and careful detailing, the Burnett likenesses are typical of Johnson's best work.
Where were the largest environmental groups to counter this frontal assault on environmental education?
A 32 year old woman comes to you complaining of recurrent frontal headaches.
However, to access the maxillary, ethmoid and frontal sinus, the sheep's middle turbinate needs to be removed.
A typical Egyptian two-dimensional view of the body depicts the head and legs in profile, with a frontal view of the torso.
Each features a high-strength steel reinforced torque box that prevents the front tires from intruding into the passenger compartment in a frontal collision.
During the craniotomy, severe swelling and profuse bleeding from the sagittal sinus and deep frontal area developed.
In a paper presented in the science journal it was stated that 20 sheep were trained to discriminate in a choice maze between pictures showing frontal views of 25 pairs of sheep faces by associating one member of each face with a food reward.
It has also been reported in other parts of the skull, such as the frontal and maxillary sinuses and orbit.