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front-page / помещаемый на первой странице, очень важный
имя прилагательное
помещаемый на первой странице
очень важный
grand, all-in-all, front-page
имя прилагательное
appearing on the first page of a newspaper or similar publication and containing important or remarkable news.
they ran a front-page story headlined “White-Collar Chic.”
print (a story) on the first page of a newspaper, etc..
the paper had front-paged a 1988 discovery at one of his nearby digs
And with war in Iraq and the economy topping the list of election concerns, energy and the environment aren't exactly front-page political news.
Whatever possessed him to front-page an article of rumors and uncertainties?
dishonest research has become front-page news
they ran a front-page story headlined “White-Collar Chic.”
They decided to front-page it six days before the caucuses.
This is front-page , over-the-fold news in Worcester (subscription required).
The ‘feminist minister’ versus ‘family values champion’ springs to mind during the Clause 28 campaign - now front-paging it over one of those Keep the Clausey ‘opinion polls’ that conveniently showed Jack McConnell yards out in front.
Monday, while the Washington Post front-paged a major substantive article about Clarke's charges, the New York Times buried its coverage of the subject on a back page.
Several days afterward, when the world press had ceased front-paging the Soviet election, Moscow officials unobtrusively announced that 1,334,124 votes were ‘scratched ‘- that is, the name of the Stalinist candidate was struck out by voters.’
The palace ‘has already acquired a Jaguar, a Rolls Royce and another luxury car,’ the Kathmandu Post said in a front-paged story Wednesday.