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front-end / внешний интерфейс
передний конец
передний конец
forward end, front part, front edge
внешний интерфейс
external interface
I hope that the Minister's doubts can be resolved in favour of boosting private savings by front-end tax incentives.
Financial Engineering Network charges a front-end fee of €4,950 to establish the fund from start to finish.
The user-friendly screen has been developed, using Visual Basic as the front-end tool and the robust Oracle for the back end for storing details.
These environments tend to present large amounts of static information on the front-end , since these models benefit the most from file-based serving.
‘This has been a large front-end expenditure for us before we even see a dime of revenues from the settlement,’ he says.
While an increasing number of lenders include association fees in the front-end ratio, it pays to remember that these fees are likely to increase over time.
Investors who do not have the funds to reach a breakpoint before the deadline indicated by a letter of intent will have to pay regular front-end fees.
These corrections also generate front-end savings.
Tertiary students deserve front-end assistance - a universal living allowance should be put in place and made available to all fulltime tertiary students.
Although shrinkage affects most of retail, drugstores are seen as particularly vulnerable because of the large proportion of higher-margin front-end merchandise they carry.