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front / перед, фронт, фасад
имя существительное
front, head
front, forefront
facade, front, frontage, elevation, face, front elevation
имя прилагательное
front, anterior, forward, head, fore, foremost
resist, withstand, confront, counter, match, front
быть обращенным к
служить прикрытием
shelter, front, umbrella
имя прилагательное
of or at the front.
the front cover of the magazine
(of a vowel sound) formed by raising the body of the tongue, excluding the blade and tip, toward the hard palate.
I've got a girl's name when written down, but it's got a front vowel when pronounced.
имя существительное
the side or part of an object that presents itself to view or that is normally seen or used first; the most forward part of something.
a page at the front of the book had been torn out
the foremost line or part of an armed force; the furthest position that an army has reached and where the enemy is or may be engaged.
his regiment was immediately sent to the front
an appearance or form of behavior assumed by a person to conceal their genuine feelings.
she put on a brave front
boldness and confidence of manner.
he's got a bit of talent and a lot of front
a person's face or forehead.
(of a building or piece of land) have the front facing or directed toward.
the houses that front Beacon Street
provide (something) with a front or facing of a particular type or material.
a metal box fronted by an alloy panel
lead or be the most prominent member in (an organization, activity, or group of musicians).
the group is fronted by two girl singers
articulate (a vowel sound) with the tongue further forward.
all speakers use raised and fronted variants more in spontaneous speech
place (a sentence element) at the beginning of a sentence instead of in its usual position, typically for emphasis or as feature of some dialects, as in horrible it was.
The quoted event can be a linguistic utterance; moreover, as this example shows, the quoted element can be fronted .
used to summon someone to the front or to command them to assume a forward-facing position, as in calling a bellhop to the front desk or giving orders to troops on parade.
scouts, front and center !
Developments on the pension front have dramatically altered the equilibrium in the workplace.
She pushed open the heavy front doors and led her sister out into the hot sun.
I heard a very loud smack and my eyes went directly to the front of the room.
One of them appeared on the front of a cereal box for saving a child from a rattlesnake.
Had he not been trying to keep a brave front , Damien may have quailed beneath the glare his leader.
front vowel
she used to front a punk band
he was sitting out in front of the house
The solution was found when Mick noticed the cast iron water meter cover in the front garden.
she was sitting in the front row