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frond / вайя, ветвь с листьями, лист пальмы или папоротника
имя существительное
ветвь с листьями
лист пальмы или папоротника
имя существительное
the leaf or leaflike part of a palm, fern, or similar plant.
fronds of bracken
On the outside edge, starting about a foot from the cut end, notch the frond until you get all the way across.
The frond of this fern has two forms of pinnae.
For a number of years after I moved out to Los Angeles, I had a palm tree with a frond that hung out over the pool.
It's leaves are deeply cut, but many stems make up a single frond on this plant.
Around the trunk of this tree were tied leaves and fronds , and - a pile of little pots and dishes of meat were laid out on what looked like a kind of altar.
Pieced together, they represent Wattieza, a tree that looked like modern-day palm with a crown of fronds that grew up to 30 feet high and reproduced through spores.
I looked and could see nothing at all but dried, brown leaves with a few delicate fern fronds thrusting through them.
Leaving fronds with nesting bats untrimmed keeps the young bat families safe and the trimming of other palm fronds nearby does not disturb them.
To understand these diagrams it is important to keep in mind that the duckweed plants consists of a cluster of fronds descended from a single mother frond.
You can pick out a range of subtle colours in the vegetation: the russet fronds of bracken, the fresh green stems of bilberry and the purple twigs of birch.