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frog / лягушка, стрелка, лягушатник
имя существительное
frog, anuran
arrow, hand, pointer, cursor, switch, frog
paddling pool, frog
имя существительное
a tailless amphibian with a short squat body, moist smooth skin, and very long hind legs for leaping.
Around 5,000 amphibian species, including frogs , toads, newts, and salamanders are thought to exist today.
a French person.
a thing used to hold or fasten something, in particular.
Sure, there are materials sold for that purpose, such as water-absorbing foam and metal pin holders, or frogs .
an elastic horny pad growing in the sole of a horse's hoof, helping to absorb the shock when the hoof hits the ground.
‘The horse scraped the frog of his left hoof in the backstretch and lost his drive,’ Nakatani said.
hunt for or catch frogs.
Ice crystals start forming on the frog 's skin and quickly work their way inside.
Some shovels have a plate welded over the frog to increase strength and keep the wooden handle drier and less prone to decay.
‘The horse scraped the frog of his left hoof in the backstretch and lost his drive,’ Nakatani said.
a bulge or frog is formed on the front of the blade
In Renaissance Europe the stick became straighter, and a wooden frog was wedged between stick and hair to hold them apart at the heel.
Franchomme had a Stradivari cello but held the bow above the frog , making for flexibility and subtlety of tone rather than robustness.
Fill the cups with well-soaked floral foam or use a small metal florist's frog , if necessary, to hold the flowers in place.
Moreover, it is felt by many that by leaving the frog intact, the proper width between the heels will be maintained.
The costume was a very nice military top, green material with a frog or braid across the front, black wool tights with a red decoration on the side, and nice character shoes.
The ground surface of the foot, that is the sole, bars and frog , are not touched.