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frock / платье, сюртук, тельняшка
имя существительное
dress, gown, clothes, clothing, frock, costume
frock, frock-coat
frock, singlet
посвящать в духовный сан
ordain, frock
надевать на кого-л. платье
имя существительное
a woman's or girl's dress.
As for the little girls, they were allowed to wear different coloured frocks and dresses.
a loose outer garment, in particular.
Tavisome wears only a loose white frock , is obviously quite short, and is completely unarmed.
priestly office.
such words as these cost the preacher his frock
provide with or dress in a frock.
a black-frocked Englishman
The little girl stood up and brushed the dirt off her frock , extending one flawless, beautiful hand.
The girl in the blue frock led Lia along a corridor leading from the banquet hall, until she found a room near the end of the wing with double doors and gold door handles.
She was dressed in a tattered frock , and her hair was unwashed for days.
He wears a priest's collar and carries a machine gun under his frock .
his Cornish-knit frock
More likely to wear a leather jacket than a summer frock , you look at things from a more rambunctious and bronzey kind of way.
Near an hour later, Lady Vivien emerged, dressed in a frock with silky red fabric accented in black.
The drawing of a woman with big eyes, dark lashes and tightly knotted hair, dressed in a ruffled frock and sporting a fan, gave it away.
such words as these cost the preacher his frock
such words as these cost the preacher his frock