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frizz / кудри, вьющиеся волосы
имя существительное
frizz, frizzle, friz
вьющиеся волосы
frizz, curl, friz
frizz, curl, frizzle, wave, crinkle, frizzle up
hiss, sizzle, fizz, sputter, frizz, spit
имя существительное
the state of being formed into a mass of tight curls or tufts.
a perm designed to add curl without frizz
form (hair) into a mass of small, tight curls or tufts.
her hair was frizzed up in a style that seemed matronly
She looked lovely, aside from the mess of half-formed curls and frizz that sat atop her head.
a perm system designed to add curl without frizz
This technique works best on straight hair and can be risky for frizzy hair, as poorly executed razoring can make the frizz worse.
Otherwise, that is if I've slept on it, I generally have it in a ponytail because at least then the frizz isn't evident unless I turn around.
Because humidity is sealed out, it doesn't have a chance to cause frizz .
To cut frizz and shape curls, twist small sections of wet hair around your finger (the sections will remain when you remove your finger) and let them air-dry.
She didn't have very long hair, and it was naturally wavy, so when let down it started to frizz .
When used on already dry hair, a flat iron, explains Romero, locks in moisture, creating smooth and shiny locks while eliminating frizz .
We're finishing hair with new products that control frizz and fuzz, but keep it soft and sexy.
My hair will still be wet when she comes; I won't have time to frizz it up.