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frisson / дрожь
имя существительное
a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill.
a frisson of excitement
The game has an added frisson because of the opposition.
There may always be a special frisson of excitement when you think of, talk to or see your friend.
But I still feel a frisson every time I hear the sound of car wheels on gravel.
At exactly midday, the cannon is fired and a frisson of excitement runs through the small crowd of tourists gathered on the ramparts.
Talking about uncertainty is risky because the word itself may send a frisson of fear through many listeners.
As I put my hand on the sunroom door I felt a sudden frisson of fear.
This score may function passably within the context of the film, but outside it is meaningless, barely raising even a frisson of fear.
But this was going way beyond the seedy frisson of virtual voyeurism.
When Kamal made his entry to the accompaniment of drum-beats, a frisson of excitement shot through the crowds.
One local told me that she cannot now drive through Dornoch without feeling a frisson of fear.