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frisky / резвый, игривый
имя прилагательное
frolic, frisky, frolicsome, wanton, jiggish, high-spirited
playful, frisky, coquettish, skittish, coltish, arch
имя прилагательное
playful and full of energy.
he bounds about like a frisky pup
These little piggies were so delightful, and they were running around playing like frisky kittens.
I later spotted a sign warning that frisky rhinos could damage door mirrors.
From crabs and snails to frisky sea lions, this is one of the most diverse and active habitats on the planet.
Families at the sanctuary revelled in the good weather, but the warmth made Oliver a little frisky .
This CD manages to be fun, frisky , soulful and evocative, old-world and contemporary, all at the same time.
It all started, as legend has it, when an Ethiopian herder noticed that his goats were acting a bit frisky after munching on some strange berries.
All she needs is a frisky white Pomeranian to help her get the man she loves and save her from getting married to his brother.
The animals are being transferred from Longleat Safari Park to a zoo in France to give the frisky creatures more room to roam.
Suddenly, all the pools in the zoo are full and overflowing and the animals who were quite sluggish in summer are now frisky .
Within two minutes he was back as frisky and free-moving as a foal.