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frisbee / фрисби
летающая тарелка
flying saucer
имя существительное
a concave plastic disk designed for skimming through the air as an outdoor game or amusement.
For as much as $950 a week, you and your dog can bunk-in with others and enjoy such fun as playing frisbee , square dancing and kissing contests.
In the afternoon I went to Brockwell Park and sat around with friends and attempted to play frisbee .
Moriah and I paired up for most of the activities, which included tennis and frisbee .
We played frisbee next to a queue of what must have been a thousand young women waiting to get Tokio's autographs.
Also, somehow, in the midst of being homeschooled and hating sports, I've managed to have never, ever played frisbee in my entire life.
At the few I attended, for instance, the party seemed to involve listening to folk music and playing frisbee , which is a source of joy for a fairly small slice of the population.
With the medication, he's able to kneel down, play frisbee with his dog, and socialise with his retired friends.
Then Neil and I headed off to a nearby park to play frisbee .
When we got home, Mom and I played some frisbee in the back yard.
He sprained his ankle playing frisbee in Greenwich.