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frippery / мишура, украшения, безделушки
имя существительное
tinsel, trumpery, frippery, gimcrack, gaud, gewgaw
ornamentation, finery, ornamentals, furnishings, trappings, frippery
frippery, ornamentals, fancy articles, whatnot, fallalery, bijouterie
имя существительное
showy or unnecessary ornament in architecture, dress, or language.
There wasn't nearly as much frippery on Gideon's dress, she could inhabit that dress.
Although indicative of his fondness for frippery , the quip also points to his lack of political insight.
But, like Mozart's music, Ozick's prose flirts with frippery .
There wasn't nearly as much frippery on Gideon's dress, she could inhabit that dress.
But there in the middle of all this fanciness and frippery was this miserable, small, cold lump that, when cooked originally, had been burned.
It's somewhat sobering to think that the device that Galileo helped to develop and used to make his discoveries is essentially the same design as the instrument that Rob was so quick to tire of and deride as a toy, a frippery .
You know, somewhere deep inside, that this pointless piece of frippery will find its way into your heart and your bathroom.
My heart leaps with joy as I haul out my winter frippery .
Do not make the mistake of thinking this is mere frippery , for where there is ceremony, there is power.
They're made from styrofoam balls, ribbon, pins, and other frippery .
I don't want to use the term basic, but there wasn't a lot of flashy frippery to get in the way of the good music.