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frilly / разукрашенный, отделанный оборками
имя прилагательное
painted, fancy, frilly
отделанный оборками
имя прилагательное
decorated with frills or similar ornamentation.
a frilly apron
имя существительное
an item of women's underwear.
Ensconced on a giant rucksack, wearing camouflage paint, a helmet and some fetching pink frillies , Lydia's mum Jodie, agreed: ‘It's absolutely fantastic.’
It's too fancy, too frilly , too difficult to read.
All through elementary school she bought me frilly , lacy dresses and huge hair bows.
I grinned, picturing my mother dashing back and forth in the kitchen, clad in a frilly pink apron and caked with flour, a sewing needle in one hand and a whisk in the other.
With his frilly , fancy clothes and fastidious manner, Cantus always seemed like he belonged more at a poetry recital than in battle.
As hard as she tried, Kayin couldn't picture him anywhere that wasn't frilly , rich, and perfect.
The young woman dried her hands on a frilly apron.
The other kids could tease me till I cried, but as far as I was concerned, frilly sleeping apparel was fair game on a canoe trip.
Gone are the days of chambermaids wearing black smocks, frilly white aprons and lace caps.
I envisaged something large and frilly with a frothy veil.
The problem is that I have no first-hand knowledge of the past in Alice Springs except sepia prints of people in suits and big frilly skirts.