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frill / оборка, жабо, оборки
имя существительное
frill, flounce, furbelow
jabot, frill
украшать оборками
corrugate, crimp, quill, emboss, gauffer, frill
имя существительное
a strip of gathered or pleated material sewn by one side onto a garment or larger piece of material as a decorative edging or ornament.
It was pink, with frills around the collar and bottom hem.
an unnecessary extra feature or embellishment.
it was just a comfortable apartment with no frills
Three prominent horns and a large frill at the back of the skull are the distinguishing characteristics of Triceratops.
And while we like mass transit, door-to-door school bus service is a frill they should cut.
Her frill tore and her shoulder and her tattoo were revealed.
a frill of silver hair surrounded a shining bald pate
On some Triceratops fossils, both on the face and on the frill (the only plate extending back over its neck), there are healed puncture wounds.
Cross argues that dismissing music as a useless frill smacks of ethnocentricity.
For example, let's say you've got an eight-foot long skull of a Triceratops-like dinosaur adorned with horns over the nose and eyes, and an elongated bony frill sticking out behind.
At the same time, youth counsellors have been cut out of Toronto's public education system as a frill .
To overcome the wax problem one may use a paper frill , or a silver foil mince pie container to create a collar containing the wax.
Their ornamented dome may have served as a communication system that was primarily visual within species, analogous to the crests, horns, and frills of ceratopsid dinosaurs.