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frigid / холодный, фригидная, фригидный
имя прилагательное
cold, chilly, bleak, chill, frigid, icy
frigid, cold
имя прилагательное
very cold in temperature.
frigid water
Maybe she is frigid due to a bad experience with another man.
Logically the frigid temperatures and winds could have accounted for a good deal of this decrease.
Before long, however, she's back on baby-sitting duty, as assigned to her by her frigid stepmother.
In experiments over the past 2 years, physicists have been slowing laser light to a crawl, sometimes even stopping it cold within certain frigid gasses and solids.
It is now so cold we want to die and the bleak, frigid pilgrimage to campus, wrought with icy peril and sub-zero gusts of wind, is a source of daily sorrow.
Others become frigid and have problems in experiencing a healthy sexual life.
Bigelow residents awoke to frigid temperatures last Sunday morning, and not just outside.
Travelling under frigid conditions, with temperatures as low as minus 54°C, Wegener reached the station five weeks later.
The author, an intelligent woman and self-described formerly frigid wife, provides a long laundry list of explanations for this unhappy state of affairs.
Steiner noticed that because of frigid temperatures, inadequate heating, and poor insulation, one could see the children's breath inside the buildings.