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frightened / испуганный, напуганный
имя прилагательное
frightened, afraid, scared, startled, fearful, panicked
funky, frightened, fearful, afraid, pop-eyed
имя прилагательное
afraid or anxious.
a frightened child
Half of me regrets my stupidity and feels frightened that I'll go to jail.
This Government, frightened of being seen as soft on the drugs trade, does not know what to do.
Giving evidence under oath from the witness box, Hunt said that he had been frightened of needles since childhood.
Children don't run about outside anymore because we're frightened of them being abducted.
His main clients are business people frightened of making speeches in public or stressed about workload.
Another boy, the smallest in the party, had been frightened of making the crossing.
He said he had been frightened of that person and therefore agreed to hold them temporarily.
I'm not frightened of these games, in fact I'm really looking forward to them.
Darkness lingered at the edge of his vision and he was suddenly absurdly frightened that if he fell asleep he would never wake up.
One resident, who lived in the street at the time but asked not be named, said some were still frightened of him.