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fright / испуг, страх, страшилище
имя существительное
fright, consternation, funk, dismay, startle, jitters
fear, awe, terror, fright, dread, anxiety
fright, bogeyman, Gorgon, gorilla
frighten, scare, panic, fright, intimidate, alarm
trouble, harass, disquiet, perturb, frighten, fright
имя существительное
a sudden intense feeling of fear.
I jumped up in fright
come, be comforted, he shan't fright you
I jumped up in fright
Bridget paled with fright , but looked at her cousin sternly.
The reality of such fears is borne out by the evidence of tombstones testifying to those who died of fright after seeing a ghost.
There is continued expert support for the Freudian view which emphasized the importance of the element of sudden fright or surprise in neurosis following trauma.
You will scream, you will shudder, you will turn pale with fright .
Before she could finish the sentence, Fran let out a sudden cry of fright as she was swept up off her feet.
Thoroughly demoralized by my dream, I was in a state of nervous fright by the time I got to the venue.
Mary, a short pug-nosed brunette, jumped in fright at the sudden entrance of a stranger and opened her mouth to scream but no sound came.
Last year hundreds of birds died of fright due to fireworks being set off near the Hutchinson Road sanctuary.
come, be comforted, he shan't fright you