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frigate / фрегат, сторожевой корабль
имя существительное
frigate, frigate-bird
сторожевой корабль
frigate, guard ship, corvette, sloop
имя существительное
a warship with a mixed armament, generally heavier than a destroyer (in the US Navy) and of a kind originally introduced for convoy escort work.
Predominantly it was the destroyers and frigates of the Navy that served.
The classic sailing frigate was a fast and powerful warship, and was one of the most successful and charismatic ship designs of the age.
The Royal Navy group, which will include a submarine, a frigate , a destroyer and two support vessels, will set out from Portsmouth on Saturday.
Four different frigates and destroyers, as well as seven auxiliaries, had supported the operation.
The size of the active fleet is also being steadily cut, with just 32 frigates and destroyers in service.
Ingalls has already prepared two U.S. Navy frigates for transfer.
Between six and ten ships - usually destroyers, frigates and tankers - are attached to the Force for up to eight months.
In March 2004, the Royal Netherlands Navy signed a contract for the transfer of two M-Class frigates to the Chilean Navy.
By 1780 there were 86 frigates and 79 ships of the line in French service, and the annual cost of the navy almost quadrupled between 1776 and 1783.
The troop carrying convoy would then sail from southern English ports protected by an escort of frigates and corvettes.
Predominantly it was the destroyers and frigates of the Navy that served.