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frieze / фриз, бордюр, бобрик
имя существительное
frieze, Frisian, border
border, frieze, edging, edge, welt, skirting
nap, frieze, crisp, teasel, teazle
гравировать серебро
вышивать золотом
украшать фризом
имя существительное
a broad horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, especially on a wall near the ceiling.
The interior decoration was sumptuous with marble veneers, moulded stucco friezes , painted walls, and some remarkable mosaic floors, some of which survive.
heavy, coarse woolen cloth with a nap, usually on one side only.
The judges, it was said, had a most difficult task selecting the prizewinners, such was the excellent quality of frieze , flannel, yarn and items of clothing on show.
The entablature's architrave and frieze break out over each individual engaged column, emphasizing verticality, while the cornice breaks out over each pair to unify the pier-column unit.
There was a train featured on the frieze and that was my contribution to the decoration.
the coastline is a frieze of cliffs
The frieze in the pediment on the outside of the building is depicted below.
the horsemen of the Parthenon frieze
Each column supported an appropriate entablature, on the frieze of which was inscribed ‘Pro Patria,’ reminding the legislator of the end and object of his delegation.
This is not to suggest that new houses should incorporate classical columns, a carved frieze or cornice but some inventiveness is called for.
a wallpaper frieze with chickens on it
The Dutch Room gained its new name in 1906 after a wallpaper frieze of blue Dutchmen was installed.
The Scottish National Portrait Gallery wants to extend the frieze in its entrance hall.