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friendly / дружественный, дружелюбный, дружеский
имя прилагательное
friendly, matey, pally, maty, xenial, hail-fellow
friendly, amiable, amicable, outgoing, genial
friendly, amicable, neighborly, companionate, sociable, hearty
имя существительное
товарищеская встреча
friendly, friendly match
имя прилагательное
kind and pleasant.
they were friendly to me
in a friendly manner.
He summed up the season as being competitive yet friendly and with the trio applying to join next year it was evident that the league continued to grow.
My wife was a journalist doing an article about Mel Brooks for ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine, and she was friendly with Yoko Ono.
He liked it and was really friendly to everyone.
They do not only live in harmony but are equally friendly to visitors.
The mom wasn't too friendly to strangers, since she was a stray.
I was friendly with Robson for almost forty years and never doubted that he was a learned and gifted if not very productive critic.
This is a competition that creates friendly rivalry among the participants and the judging is anticipated with great enthusiasm.
In fact, I can even be friendly to him, because I know he's not a bad person, and we do have a lot in common.
‘It was difficult but enjoyable, and everyone was friendly to me,’ said Negar, who is now studying dentistry in London.
Later, he even taught Jessie Chambers, whose family he was friendly with, to speak French.