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fridge / холодильник, рефрижератор, конденсатор
имя существительное
refrigerator, fridge, cooler, condenser, icebox, frig
refrigerator, fridge, frig, refrigeratory, icebox, meatsafe
capacitor, condenser, refrigerator, refrigeratory, fridge, frig
rub, grate, scrub, chafe, friction, fridge
wipe, wipe out, wipe away, wipe off, dry, fridge
имя существительное
a refrigerator.
Storage facilities like fridges and deep freezers are examined to ensure they comply with health regulations.
she put the carton of milk back in the fridge
It is obvious that a truly energy efficient fridge does not cost any more money than a mediocre one.
My sister brought the new fridge and freezer over for me, so I had all that to sort.
They were a Victorian invention designed to ensure there was always ice to go in the gin and tonic before the days of electricity and fridges .
The controversy comes days before the introduction of strict laws on the disposal of fridges and freezers.
Freezers, fridges , microwaves and cookers are checked and tested before being delivered at a low cost to clients.
There is also a storage room containing two freezer units and three fridges .
There's a separate section for metal items, like washing machines, fridges and microwaves.
Residents reported that the car park in front of the club was used to dump rubbish like fridges , freezers and old televisions.
Asbestos and 20 fridges and freezers were among the abandoned rubbish, which took council workers nearly a day to clear.