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friction / трение, разногласия, сцепление
имя существительное
friction, abrasion, rubbing, rub, attrition, chafing
dispute, friction
clutch, adhesion, coupling, linkage, cohesion, friction
имя прилагательное
friction, frictional
rub, grate, scrub, chafe, friction, rasp
grind, pulverize, knead, chafe, grate, friction
иметь разногласия
имя существительное
the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another.
a lubrication system that reduces friction
Divergence may result from friction with the Earth's surface.
a considerable amount of friction between father and son
a considerable amount of friction between father and son
Naptha, often recommended, can ignite, just from a spark from friction or rubbing.
The breaking of the rope happened because of the friction with the steel plate on the pulley where the rope is fixed.
A ship carrying unknown contents fails to clue the viewer in to the urgency ostensibly causing friction between the characters.
Light rail uses up to 80 per cent less energy than buses as it encounters less surface friction .
Despite the occasional friction between the old timers and the young upstarts, all the dancers come together for the old favourites.
These substances reduce friction between the moving parts of equipment.
But the lateral motion reduces the rotational friction , so that the spinning persists longer.