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friary / мужской монастырь
имя существительное
мужской монастырь
имя существительное
a building or community occupied by or consisting of friars.
The friary is a building of stone turned dark by the city's grime.
These streets defined thirty-nine quarters for a town - New Winchelsea - intended to include a market, three churches, a friary , stone defences, and 700 houses.
People were stunned when, after meeting Padre Pio, Italia dropped everything and moved near the friary to take up a life of prayer.
The friary was a converted landlord's mansion, though ‘mansion’ is a grandiose title for a draughty, rattly building that was cold throughout the winter.
The friary was opened on November 13, 1952, with a small chapel in it for the use of the friars.
On one occasion I set off from the friary to climb Muckish, but, a little later, the weather changed.
Moved by this experience and others, I soon found myself knocking at the door of the friary .
Perhaps, therefore, it is not surprising that soon after Richard was appointed, Bacon was forced to end his academic studies at the Oxford friary and was sent to a friary in Paris.
The former apse, with its rich mosaics and stained-glass windows, was left standing, partly for nostalgic reasons, partly to hide the friary , which would have looked unsightly without it.
The annual mass will be held in the friary at 1pm.
The accompanying friary , with 1,010 square metres is being quoted at £950,000.